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Three generations of quality paint at the best prices.

In 1979, Egglezos Chris having spent 26 years in New York he returned to Athens and decided to open a neighborhood chromatopoleio in Paleo Faliro, where he resided. Apart from paint shop products included tools, household goods, hardware and all other hardware items. After 6 years of continuous work with consistency and seriousness founder (Ch.Englezos) decided to focus on colors aside other products. With unique weapons appetite for work, insight and vision for the future has entered an area where competition was high, and demands large profit rates low.

Having as a principle of respect for the customer and good service in 1994 is able to open its second store which takes the groom's Maragkoydakis Nikolaos Agios Dimitrios. With the guidance of the same the second store is a model and is rising rapidly. In 1996 his son Chris Egglezos, Constantine Egglezos, ending his military service and takes an active part in the business where he worked occasionally since childhood. Having studied business and economics, knowledge and hard work brings him in a position to expand the business founded by his father. So in the same year opened a new branch in Kallithea and one year later in Halandri.

The company still has family character after the executives of the new stores are family members. The development becomes more rapidly. In 1999 begins to use barcode and stores associated with operational network on-line.Argotera is merging branches - by then everyone was a separate company - a company in the "Color Egglezos SA" and opens new branch in Daphne.

Since 2005 the company "Color Egglezos SA", having already declined to buy a complete paint shops species distribution network, starts off with a full range of major brands such as: «3m Hellas Limited», «Muralo Company inc», «Brignola spa» , «Smirdex», «Walkron», «Abrapower», «Alpe», «By Best», «Fia», «Rosseti», «L'outil», «VIVECHROM», «Benjamin Moore», «Kraft», « Vitex », gloutolini.

In 2007 opens new store in Nafplio.

The 2010 portion of the wholesale transfer in private warehouses that can store 1000 pallets. Starting massive orders from China and Europe as well as from the Greek industries colors to achieve the best market prices. 2013, while the share of wholesale has occupied a leading position in the wholesale sector with the help of Emmanuel Maragoudaki grandson Chris Egglezos (founder) created 2 new stores in Nice and Agia Paraskevi.

In 2013, the "Color Egglezos SA" is the largest chain paint shops in Greece and the largest wholesale network with exports to Cyprus, Albania and Bulgaria. Works with all major Greek industries colors and is the exclusive representative of American firms «Muralo Company inc», «E & J Brushes» as the Italian house «Brignola spa».

President and CEO Chris Egglezos with his personal supervision and significant contribution of the great staff and associates of the company continues to grow as the top firm pricing and respect for customers.


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